Otherkin Comment On Sexual Harassment At Gigs

If you haven’t heard about the sexual assault media frenzy surrounding Harvey Weinstein recently, then where the hell have you been?  After Rose McGowan’s allegations of sexual assault, the faucet of sexual harassment was opened in all areas of the media and the water is flowing strong.  Emma Watson also made allegations against Weinstein and Reese Witherspoon claims she was assaulted by a film director when she was 16, but who could deny the fact that young and impressionable new-coming actors are abused?

This is a music magazine, so why are we talking about Hollywood allegations?  The fact is sexual assault allegations are being made in the music arena as well.  For one, rape allegations are following Marilyn Manson’s former bassist, Twiggy Ramirez.  Celebrity on celebrity, but the sexual assault water flows to fans being assaulted during gigs as well.  Irish band Otherkin comment on a claim of sexual harassment at their most recent gig in Camden, London.

In their Twitter, the band posted that this show was one of their favourite gigs to date; however, they needed to discuss an incident that happened in the mosh pit.  A girl was groped in the pit and apologised to the band because she did not want to ruin the gig by mentioning it.  According to Otherkin, this was “fucking heartbreaking”, and fans who use a mosh pit as a chance to assault another fan should “fuck off to the basement you came from.  This shit needs to get stamped out of live music.”


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