A Chat with Joel Landschaft-Singe (11.07.2020)

Joel Landschaft-Singe is a singer-songwriter showcasing his love of new-soul. His music contains an honesty in the jazzy hip hop tones that help you get to know him better. His latest release ‘Persuasion’ highlights everything he has to offer. We sat down with Joel Landscahft-Singe (JLS) to talk about this track, his music and more!

OSR: Have you always been interested in music or was there one moment that made you think: ‘Music is the route for me’?

JLS: When I started writing lyrics I was never planning on releasing anything because it was just a means of self-expression. Eventually, I started creating songs as part of that expression, and from there I started putting music into the world. When I perform, I’m reminded of why I’m following music as a career; to get appreciation for what I see as an extension of myself is an extremely rewarding feeling.

OSR: Is there a theme or backstory to your single ‘Persuasion’?

JLS: The lyrics for the first verse were created after I had spurned one of my few love interests during the first year of university. I felt unlovable and hopeless. ‘Persuasion’ was originally performed acapella when I did the song at gigs in the city of York, where I went to uni. I was usually performing to crowds for indie, folk and acoustic acts, so I found that the emotion in Persuasion’s lyrics allowed people to connect with my unique rap style.

Thus, when I was looking for the track’s production I was searching for an instrumental with enough space to highlight my lyrics. When I was sent that restrained beat, I knew that it was finally time to dust off the lyrics that I had written over a year previous. Matt Jacobs had finally gifted me the perfect instrumental.

OSR: You recorded ‘Persuasion’ yourself, how did you find the process?

JLS: I always record vocals myself. With the availability of home studio equipment, I can record whenever I want. I suppose when I’m on my own recording I’m also able to feel more expressive. Overall, I enjoyed it because I love creating music and lockdown has given me even more opportunities to do that.

OSR: What is the one thing you would like listeners to take away from ‘Persuasion’?

JLS: Hmmm… whatever they take away from it I’m happy! One statement which I believe all my music stands for is honest self-expression, so if ‘Persuasion’ makes listeners feel more confident in being true to themselves then I would be more than thrilled.

OSR: What is your creative process?

JLS: I create whatever my mind and soul is telling me to, whenever it is telling me to create it.

OSR: What draws you to your preferred genre?

JLS: As an MC, Hip Hop often provides an ideal platform for me to express my voice. To me, Hip Hop is about telling your truth and that’s what I’m always trying to do when I make music. Hip Hop is also super approachable because it’s so DIY. I literally started rapping once I realised I could rip famous instrumentals from YouTube to practice with.

Joel Landschaft-Singe

OSR: On a scale of 6 to 8964, how hard was it to create this track during lockdown?

JLS: For me, I’d say it was about 100. I already had the first verse sewn up and I wasn’t planning on adding more, but on receipt of Matt’s silky keys, I was inspired to add the second verse. It didn’t take me long, maybe a day or two to finish up the song. In fact, I think lockdown helped me write it faster because I have been missing human interaction. That allowed me to really harness those feelings of loneliness and lust and put them into ‘Persuasion’.

OSR: Do you sing while cooking? If so, what songs?

JLS: I don’t sing while I cook, I’m too busy eating my ingredients to do so.

OSR: What about your music makes it different or unique?

JLS: Poetic lyricism and addictive flows. I’d say the most unique character of my music is how it reflects myself, which I don’t think many musicians are overtly trying to do these days.

OSR: If you had one message for your fans, what would it be?

JLS: Express yourself to the world.

Thanks to Joel Landschaft-Singe for chatting with us! You can find more about him on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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