A Chat with Mudbelly (01.06.2020)

While Mudbelly hasn’t been around for long, they are rapidly filling a gap in the New Zealand music scene. The female-led hard-rock band, consisting of Bex, John and Sam, has hit the scene with their self-titled, high energy and bluesy debut album. We sat down to chat with vocalist Bex B to talk about the album, their music and much more!

OSR: What got you into music?

Bex B: I think it’s the same for both me and John, we loved music as kids and both picked up guitars as wee ones influenced by the older members of the family.

OSR: Who came up with the name Mudbelly and how?

Bex B: We were known by another, unpronounceable name and John brought Mudbelly to the table which we loved as it sounded earthy and grimy, like one of those smelly old dive bars!

OSR: What makes your music unique?

Bex B: I think everyone in the band brings something unique. Bex has a background of soul and blues, whereas John is massive on rock and you don’t get a lot of girls singing hard rock, dirty blues.

OSR: What is the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome thus far?

Bex B: The usual closed doors scenario for new sounds – especially in New Zealand where eyes and doors are very firmly focused on the incumbent. We’re new to the industry and not hugely into social media, something we’re going to have to change.

OSR: When did everyone start playing an instrument and why?

Bex B: Bex has been singing at people since she could walk. It was like a superpower she cultivated to obtain ice cream, attention or boys. John had been writing naughty limericks since he could walk but picked up guitar, then bass, then drums when he should have been doing his Civil Engineering degree.

OSR: Has there been one particular moment in your musical career that you are most proud of?

Bex B: Getting the album out was pretty cool. Prior to that we’ve played some mean gigs both at home and abroad and nothing beats the feeling of having a crowd come along on the journey with you.

Mudbelly band image.

OSR: Who are your favourite musicians and groups?

Bex B: Jack White, the Black Keys…. Going back earlier Led Zeppelin (of course), Janis!

OSR: How did you feel when your debut album was finally released?

Bex B: Chuffed that we had finally gotten it out there! It was a long slog but soooooo worth it. It felt like we’d birthed a baby although we are yet to have the big release party to wet the baby’s head yet! That’s coming…..

OSR: What is the ultimate direction for the band?

Bex B: We love making music and performing so our energy is tied up in that, although obviously we have been stalled a little bit lately. We are still working on new tunes and when the world emerges from the cocoon, we will be there to play with it again.

OSR: What advice can you offer anyone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Bex B: Just do it! I don’t think there can be any prescribed path, just do it your way and make sure you do it for love and fun. If you make music for anything else I think the inauthentic roots are felt. Get out, have fun and see what happens – oh, and if you have cash (we know most creatives don’t!), get a publicist! And if you’re a publicist who wants to work with us at a reduced rate, get in touch!

Thanks to Mudbelly for chatting with us! You can find more about them on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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