A Chat with The Parlophonics (10.10.21)

Based on old-school rock and Britpop, international trio The Parlophonics are a blast out of the past in the alt-rock scene. We speak with Hugh Macdonald (vocals), Fernando Perdomo (guitars and drums) and Robert Horvath (guitars and bass) about their album A Day In The Life, musical inspiration and future plans.

OSR: How did The Parlophonics come about?

Horvath: So far, I have only contributed to albums as a co-writer. It felt right to advance and to go the extra mile – writer, play and record, taking most decisions myself. By discovering Hugh and Fernando online The Parlophonis became more and more visible in my head.

Perdomo: Robert is a brilliant musician and songwriter and he found Hugh and me online; we have not met. It is a true “world party” if you know what I mean.

Macdonald: My involvement in this album has been great fun for me. I met Robert online and I do a lot of hired songwriting and vocal work online. Usually, the music I receive does not connect with me emotionally at all, but when I heard what Robert was doing it was right up my alley. We clearly were inspired by similar musicians and eras of music.

OSR: What inspires you to make music?

Horvath: It’s about creating worlds and fantasies, to tell stories and to create moods. The most decent way to take a trip in the mind.

Perdomo: It’s truly the only skill I have! I love when people tell me my music has helped them in some way. I also love helping people make their songs sound as good as possible.

OSR: What can you tell us about your album A Day In The Life?

Horvath: It is an old fashion album, sounds familiar but it’s created here and now with great bandmates. I am really fortunate to have met Hugh and Fernando.

Perdomo: It’s one of the best pop-rock records I have ever been on. It’s timeless and very catchy.

Macdonald: I have a very small home studio in Los Angeles, so I recorded all of my parts there having never met any of the other musicians which was a lot of fun.

Did you face any challenges when recording the album?

Horvath: It all went incredibly smooth. Fernando and Hugh knew exactly what to do.

Perdomo: My drum stool was making noise during a recording, had to oil it…that was it.

Macdonald: We spoke mainly through the music, I’m quite bad at communication as I seem to always be in a state of chaos. I am appreciative of Robert for being patient with me and my very slow replies.

If you could change one thing about A Day In The Life, what would it be and why?

Horvath: I should have done it a few years earlier.

Perdomo: Pass! 😄 It’s perfect.

OSR: What do you hope listeners take from A Day In The Life?

Horvath: A good daydream and maybe a little comfort if needed.

OSR: Do you have a favourite track?

Horvath: ‘These Days’ which I wrote for my little son. It’s a rather cheerful song but it took me tears to write and record. It put me on emotional overload and I don’t know why. Also, probably, ‘God Speed Helena’ written by Hugh. This song got me hooked immediately, probably because it uses my daughter’s name.

Perdomo: I love ’em all.

OSR: If you could spend the day with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Horvath: Maybe Klaus Voorman. I bet this man has tons of great stories to tell and maybe he would design our next album cover.

Perdomo: I would love to record with Paul McCartney. My friend Jason Falkner did that and he is still smiling.

Macdonald: Harry Nilsson.

OSR: What is your all-time favourite musician or band?

Horvath: George Harrison. He has probably written the best Beatles songs (‘Here Comes The Sun’ and ‘Something’). ‘Feel The Light’ is our tribute.

Perdomo: A tie between The Beatles and Todd Rundgren.

OSR: Are there future plans for The Parlophonics?

Horvath: Being the first band that released two great albums despite having never been in the same room with each other would be a thing.

Perdomo: Another album! Maybe meeting someday. 😄

Thanks to The Parlophonics for speaking with us. For more from The Parlophonics check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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