Aaron Yorke – Games (2020)

Aaron Yorke has created a message for anyone who needs to move on from a bad influence in ‘Games’. This acoustic guitar-driven track is one of the most sensitively crafted songs you may have heard in a long time. It also showcases the emotional depth of Yorke’s musical abilities and will leave you feeling rather emotional.

No newcomer to the music scene, Yorke released his first studio album in 2006 and went on to support acts like Leona Lewis and McFly. While he turned his skills to production, he has still been releasing a steady stream of music including ‘Jail‘. This single is just the latest that will have you wondering why you have never taken the time to listen to him before.

‘Games’ combines a gentle acoustic guitar with light droplet notes for the opening. The intricate melody has this wonderful flow that you float to as you listen. There is a delicate touch to the notes that you can easily get lost in and that seeps into your veins. While the melody remains a gentle breath, there are moments of swell when the strings make their entrance. The hauntingly melancholic tones of the strings sweep through the back of the melody and continue to twirl you in the beauty of the melody.

Over this extremely captivating melody is Yorke’s vocals. His emotive performance has a depth that cuts through your chest and leaves you equally emotional. The higher pitch on the chorus seems to bolster the emotional impact of the lyrics. His performance is both an intimate grounding and a soaring sadness that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Aaron Yorke has crafted a sensitive and hauntingly beautiful message set to an acoustic guitar with ‘Games’. The emotional impact of the track starts with the first guitar note and carries through to the final melancholic tone. The emotive performance will cut through your chest to rest heavily on your heart.

Find out more about Aaron Yorke on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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