Alan Finan – Another Rare Moon (2020)

Alan Finan takes you into a brooding spiral with his latest single ‘Another Rare Moon’. Inspired by A Clockwork Orange, the dystopian sound of the track looks at the changing of a person. This is woven into the reality that things may never be the same and never return to as they were. The stunning soundscape craves into the unfamiliar and the glorification of times past.

Taking on the themes of change and travel, Finan wraps his lucid lyricism around distorted pianos and harmonies. A stunning journey that will have you thinking about it for a long time to come, the single gets you hooked on his sound.

‘Another Rare Moon’ has a gentle opening that softly draws you into the soundscape. The vibrating notes give you a sense of something expansive while the beat in the lower levels offers a steady pillar to lean against. The melody seems relatively simplistic at first listen, but there is more lurking in it. There are a few elements that work together to form the gentle flow of the melody before the soaring swing that lightly lifts you into the stratosphere. The vibrations of the melody create a hazy vibe of emptiness lending to the overall feeling of dystopian brooding.

Finan’s vocals are the real star of the single. He enters the soft soundscape smoothly and has you floating to his vibe. The harmonisations within the performance add to the haziness of the song. His performance also turns from atmospheric to brooding. There is a lot of power to his performance as he fills you with emotions without you realising it at first.

Alan Finan drapes a brooding soundscape over you with the atmospheric and dystopic ‘Another Rare Moon’. The somewhat minimalist melody softly draws you into the single and allows Finan’s vocals to fill you with emotions.

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