Ali Manges – Tangerine Love (2021)

There are a lot of summer songs out there, but Ali Manges has attempted something novel with her debut single ‘Tangerine Love’. Through the folk-pop sounds of the track, she attempts to create a song that sounds like summer feels. Warm and breezy, she has you floating on lazy summer vibes while stepping into the stunning imagery of her lyrics.

A new face in the world of folk, this young artist has been writing original songs since she was 16. Hitting relatable and personable notes, her music brings a coming of age feeling to the indie-folk world. With her debut single, she is letting us all know that she is here and she is already being warmly welcomed by listeners and reviewers alike.

The light acoustic guitar notes that open ‘Tangerine Love’ are warm and fill you with the scents of summer. You can feel a light breeze caress your skin through the melody while the warm sun heats your skin. There is something about the music that makes you want to close your eyes and soak in the lazy summer vibes. The music brings the image of sunny days spent having a good time to your mind while relaxing into the tall grass of a meadow. You can’t help but feel the relaxation that comes from warm days spent with loved on through the music.

The lightness of the melody is matched by the tender youthfulness of the vocals. Her performance puts a small smile on your face as she fills you with the warmth of affection. The lyrics are poetic as they bring clear imagery to your mind and twirl you in the feeling of gentle summer love. Her performance has an edge of sentimentality that touches deep in your chest with a personable and relatable vibe. As the song progresses, the floating flow of the vocals gets a slight push before wrapping you back up in the warmth of the sun.

Ali Manges combines gentle summer vibes with the warmth of love and sentimental imagery through the tender and poetic tones of ‘Tangerine Love’. As a debut single it makes a serious statement about what you can expect in the future. It also has you eager to hear more of her tender tones while sitting in awe of her artful musicality.

Find out more about Ali Manges on her Instagram and Spotify.

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