Any Given Room – Mind>Matter (2020)

In 2017, Christian Whitehead (drums) met Stephen Sivlis (keys) and Dustin Renfro (bass) while working at Dillard’s. The trio was joined by Tyler Merriott (guitar), Dylan Bradley (vocals) and Jeremy Gifford (guitar) to form the indie-rock band Any Given Room. Together, they combine their enthusiasm and humour into engaging music. Their latest track ‘Mind>Matter’ is one of their first releases with their current full line-up.

The song was inspired by the band Hippo Campus and looks at the struggles and communication breakdowns when in conflict with someone you care about. It considers the difficulties that arise and the eventual decision to place mind over matter. Through their music, they are able to lay down a roadmap for getting past this conflict.

‘Mind>Matter’ gets you into a good mood from the first funky note. There is a great beat and melody to this song that you can’t help but like. The guitars lead you into the track where the keys infiltrate your mind and keep you hooked. There is a fun and energetic vibe to the song that you can’t help but get involved in.

Bradley’s vocals continue the upbeat and lively vibe of the song. There is something engaging and endearing about his performance that you can’t stop listening to. At times he smoothly soars over you only to pick up the pace and fill you with more energy than you know what to do with. While the melody and vocals are upbeat and engaging, the lyrics have a deeper message that is very effectively portrayed.

Any Given Room tackle a heavy topic with an upbeat melody and fun vocals in ‘Mind>Matter’. The song gets you into a fun mood while guiding you to place mind over matter. If you are looking for a track that you can have a good time to, this is the one.

Find out more about Any Given Room on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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