Arliston – Hawster (2018)


Arlistan black and white brand image
Image courtesy of Arlistan

Arliston is a three-piece rock band from London, UK.  They consist of Jack Ratcliffe (lead vocals and lead guitar), George Hasbury (bass guitar, keys and backing vocals) and Jordi Bosch (drums, synth and backing vocals).  Their new EP Hawser is out now.

Hawser starts with the track ‘Politics’, which begins with a very eerie sound using a keyboard.  The vocals start and are amazing; a beat starts and has a prominent bass line that’s catchy.  It’s a slow song, and it’s all very beautifully put together.

The track ‘Paralysed’ begins with gentle guitar riffs, the vocals start and are again amazing.  A beat starts and is very catchy.  It’s a slow song and very soothing.  ‘Enough’ starts with vocals and a bass line, the vocals sound great, and the slow beat of the song is amazing.  The guitar riffs are amazing, and it’s a very heartfelt song.

The track ‘Language Of Strangers’ starts with gentle keyboard sounds and vocals.  The vocals are amazing; the keyboard work is beautiful; again, it’s a very heartfelt song.  It sounds like a love song, but it’s a sad love song.  It really hits you hard and brings a tear to your eye.  ‘Cold Comfort’ starts with beautiful high-pitched vocals.  The keyboard work, again, is brilliant, and it’s very soothing and catchy.  The lyrics sound, again, very heartfelt.

Overall the EP is very good, and has a very eerie sound but not in a bad way.  It’s very heartfelt and is a great slow rock EP.  It’s great to put on if you want to kick back and relax.  The EP is available on Spotify and iTunes now.

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