Arrays – No Way Out (2020)

Obsession is an odd thing. It can be bad as it is all-consuming, but that all-consuming aspect can sometimes wield something quite fantastic – as is the case with Arrays. The brainchild of singer-songwriter JP Carroll, Arrays is a melodic metal project all the way from New Zealand. Having supported Skillet, P.O.D. and Drowning Pool in his previous band Armed In Advance, Carroll was already building a reputation for high-energy, enthusiastic performances. Featuring on For The Love Of Bands, iHeart and, Carroll shows he can engage listeners as a solo artist as well as part of a band. The latest addition to his repertoire is ‘No Way Out’.

Reminiscent of Hawthorne Heights and The Used, ‘No Way Out’ hits you full in the face from the get-go. A great deal more forceful than previous tracks ‘Too Late’ and ‘Quiet Away’, ‘No Way Out’ is aggressive without being too fierce. Pounding drums accompany dynamic guitar riffs to build the foundation of an engaging track, but it is Carroll’s throaty vocals that really places Arrays in a league of his own.

I am always fascinated with melodic metal singers who transition from typical singing to screaming in a verse. Carroll showcases effortless dips and rises from guttural heavy metal to a softer, more melodic sound. While it may appear to be coarse, ‘No Way Out’ is a harmonious weaving of gritty instrumentation with raw vocals. It’s easy to see the dedication behind the self-produced track and even easier to become addicted to the sound. Filtering into our soul and reverberating in your brain, Arrays ‘No Way Out’ will consume you entirely without any way out.

Side note: ‘No Way Out’ is the first single off Arrays’ upcoming album Light Years.

For more from Arrays check out his official website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

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