Asadsangabi – Mental Vacation (2020)

There are some songs that lift you up and have a single line that gets stuck in your head. The debut single ‘Mental Vacation’ by Asadsangabi is one of those songs. This earworm of a track will have you feeling good while connecting with the uplifting and relatable vibes.

You might know Arman Asadsangabi as the frontman of Oddnote, but his solo work is more intimate and personal. Creating his own style through a blend of pop and rock, his debut has a bit of OutKast’s ‘Hey Ya’ and a splash of Sum 41’s ‘In Too Deep’. As an opening salvo, this is a track that sets up a lot of expectations.

‘Mental Vacation’ gets you into the unique flow of Asadsangabi from the first thumping bass moment. The melody throws you back to the ’00s when pop-rock was everywhere. The notes in the melody draw you into this intimate enclave where you can get down with the lyrics. The beat has your head moving to it before you realise what you are doing. There are moments of lighter soaring melodic elements that have you relaxing back into them.

Asadsangabi’s vocals have this upbeat vibe to them and easy-going flow. There is a slight distortion to his vocals at times, but this just adds to the whole sonic experience. The vibe of his performance is really what makes this song so catchy and you will be singing the main line from the chorus again and again after listening. This is such an easy listening track that you could have it on repeat without getting tired of it.

‘Mental Vacation’ by Asadsangabi lifts you up and fills you with good pop-rock vibes. The melody is reminiscent of early ’00s music with an easy flow. The vocals and lyrics will get stuck in your head for days to come.

Find out more about Asadsangabi on his Instagram and Spotify.

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