Atari Pilot – Wrong Captain (2020)

You might have been missing Atari Pilot since the re-release of their debut album in 2018, but they are back. After Onze (vocals) had a run-in with cancer, beating it inspired him to write more music for the band. Using their usual flair for songs that are on your side and definitely in your corner, Onze, Paj (bass), Frosty (guitar) and Andy (drums) have released ‘Wrong Captain’. The single is part of a collection called Songs for the Struggle which will eventually become an album.

This single focuses on the isolation and defiance felt after a ship goes down. The band considers if it is possible to come back when you are at the bottom. This voyage is told through a unique sound that bridges pop and space rock.

Onze’s vocals draw you into ‘Wrong Captain’ from the first moment. His performance sets the scene of the song and the point of view of the lyrics. This smoothly transitions to crashing drums and catchy guitars. The electronic notes create the space rock vibe of the track and the otherworldly imagery of being at the bottom of the sea. The chorus of the song is teased in the opening and it so catchy you will find yourself singing along.

There is an interesting arrangement to the song as the instruments meld with the electronics and synths. This blending gives way to soaring vocals with minimal backing from the melody. All these elements make the single fun, engaging and light. While the subject matter could be heavy, the band is able to add a lightness to stop you being dragged down with the captain.

Chanting vocals, electronic notes, deep bass and acoustic guitars are some of the highlights of Atari Pilots single ’Wrong Captain’. The track is a refreshing melding of pop and space rock with a lightness that belies the subject of the lyrics.

Find out more about Atari Pilot on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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