Aura Davis – Unbroken (2021)

Dealing with our inner demons can be very hard, but knowing that we are not alone in what we feel can go a long way to helping. This understanding is what Aura Davis brings with her music that confronts issues in a delicate manner. Her latest single ‘Unbroken’ is the story of someone who constantly runs away while asking to be held until they feel less broken.

It is a touching tale of trying to reach out even when your instincts want you to run. While Davis’ interest in music started at a young age, she turned her back on art and creativity as she battled through her own mental health struggles. At 22, she picked up her guitar again after learning to move forward in a healthy way. With a lot to tell us, she expresses herself in an honest and strong way.

‘Unbroken’ brings a layered sound from the first moment. The deep shuffle of beats fills the lower levels while a flowing layer covers the higher tones. This creates a rich opening that grabs your attention and has you really listening to what is to come. The pulse of strings enhances the richness of the soundscape that rises on the chorus for an emotion tugging plea. The textured and dynamic movement of the melody is wonderful as it flows through your senses. As the song progresses, the beats get your feet tapping to them while the rich tones soar through your chest.

Through all of this, Davis’ vocals whisper a confession of emotions. This moves into an impassioned plea on the chorus as she asked to not be fixed ad only held until she can pick up the pieces. The chorus is rather catchy and you might feel the urge to sing out with her. There is a wonderful insight into thoughts and emotions through the melody that is delightful to listen to. Later in the track, there is a slight change to the movement of the melody and the punch of the vocals as you really get the power of her performance. This change is amazing as it flows perfectly with the rest of the track and soars through your senses.

Aura Davis whispers confessions and imparts passionate pleas against the dynamic and textured melody of ‘Unbroken’. The music is rich as it grabs your attention and brings a wash of layering to our ears. Her vocals are subdued then rise in power and emotion to sweep through your chest to tug at your emotions.

Find out more about Aura Davis on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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