BOCA – Nightmare (2020)

When I think of the Isle of Wight, I think of the renowned Isle of Wight Festival and not much else. The bands I imagine from the Isle of Wight lean toward the more commercial pop and electronic genres; however, despite its small size, there is a wealth of bands ranging from grunge to surf-rock. A band I recently discovered from this location is BOCA. Their band name might sound like a cocktail, but they are more potent than a shot of tequila. The latest addition to their portfolio is ‘Nightmare’.

Diverging ever so slightly from their typically mellow songs that leap from soft beginnings to a heavier sound, ‘Nightmare’ is steady, slow, and seemingly soul-searching. Fun note: according to the pop-rock trio, the song was only recorded to meet fan requests and was dubbed ‘the gooey song’ before being named. To be honest, ‘gooey’ is a rather apt description being both lyrically and melodically gooey.

Despite not adhering to their traditional sound, ‘Nightmare’ apparently came quite naturally to the trio – a sign of pure musical talent perhaps? While vocals can often overpower instrumentation in rock ballads, Tom Batchelor’s vocals and guitar are readily complemented by Charlie Nolan’s bass and Joe Walton’s drums. Instead of focusing on a particular element, BOCA reaches an effortless balance where all members have their chance to shine.

A relatable track for many people, even if they may not wish to admit it, ‘Nightmare’ explores the issue of feeling lost physically and emotionally. A representation of vulnerability and insecurity, ‘Nightmare’ may be considered quite a tragic song…but is it? One of the endearing elements of this ballad is the positive twist proving that life may be tough, but it can become better at the end of the nightmare. Frontman Tom Batchelor points out that “solace is found through remembering fond memories and being appreciative of the present good” and I could not agree more.

So, what do I really think about BOCA’s ‘Nightmare’? For me, it is the furthest thing from a nightmare. *insert cheesy grin here*

Find out more about BOCA via their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Spotify.

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