Brian Heywood – Thinking About Our World (2020)

For approximately two decades, multi-instrumentalist Brian Heywood has been performing original material with enQ and Heywood’s Heroes in the UK. Now, Australia-based Heywood is creating unique, genre-defying songs with his backing vocalist Dawn Moore. Fusing rock, blues, indie and some folk, the duo are confronting the uncertainties in contemporary society through their new protest song ‘Thinking About Our World’.

Working with rock guitarist Bryce Richards, ‘Thinking About Our World’ is a cross-continental track having been recorded in Heywood’s UK and Australia-based studios. Sonically, the single is does lean towards the rock style, but shows Heywood’s diversity in the underlying folk and blues sound. The rough but soothing vocals are not merely “there”, but contain a sense of pleading and concern that complements the instrumentation.

It may be flowing and smooth, but the intriguing element of ‘Thinking About Our World’ is the lyrical content. Inspired by the efforts of Extinction Rebellion to question the state of the globe and how nations are run, Heywood approaches issues of climate change, famine, inequality and social injustice in this new track. The rather brusque lyricism is pivotal in ‘Thinking About Our World’ adopting a “no subtleties, no excuses and take action” standpoint reaching out to listeners to pay attention. Thing is, while the subject matter is serious, there is a sincerity to Heywood’s vocals making the track pensive but also easy to digest.

For more from Brian Heywood, check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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