Caity Krone – Work of Art (2020)

Caity Krone embraced music as a singer-songwriter relatively early in life. At the age of 15, this talented songstress was writing original material melding old-school pop with earnest folk and classic rock. Inspired greatly by iconic folk singers Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks and Carol King, Krone pulled yesteryear’s female-fronted folk music to the 21st Century with a kick of modern pop. The latest addition to her discography is her debut EP Work of Art.

Combining her plethora of musical influences with a young girl’s perspective on life, Work of Art is an engaging, emotional and relatable EP for contemporary society. Described by Krone as “the type of unrequited crush record that comes along once in a blue moon”, the five-track EP is a tribute to the bitter loneliness, confusion and pain of a one-sided love affair. The narrative heard in each track is demonstrative of Krone’s skilful way to tell a story and draw you into the tale. However, it is not the poignant lyricism that sells the album but the accompanying melodies.

Ranging from the folk ballad ‘Work of Art’ to the alt-pop ‘I’ve Been Lonely’, Caity Krone demonstrates flexibility beyond her years. As with the musical styles, she shows her versatility by suiting the timbre and tone of her vocals to specific tracks. For instance, she sings with a modern pop and country style in ‘Work of Art’, ‘Hotel on the Mountain’ and ‘Thank You For The Sunday Paper’, yet transforms from Taylor Swift to Pat Benatar in ’21’. While singing with a soothing quaintness, the powerful vocals ooze feelings of desperation, despair and raw honesty.

For more from Caity Krone check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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