China Paige – I Can’t Get Enough (2020)

There are times when love is confused with the pleasure of physical affection. These times are the basis of ‘I Can’t Get Enough’ by China Paige. Using a burst of electronic elements mixing with pop sensibilities, she draws you through these times and the mix of emotions they invoke.

No stranger to the music scene, Paige started her career as a backing vocalist for Diana Ross and toured as a lead backing vocalist for Mary Wilson. She has also collaborated with David Guetta and S.K.A.L.P. Her new music combines her wonderful vocals with nu-disco, electronica and pop for a sound sensation.

‘I Can’t Get Enough’ hits you with some infectious dance vibes from the first moment. The melody is dance floor ready and fills you with the beats making you want to move. There is a great interplay between the electronic dance elements and the more melodic vocals at the start. This takes a turn and hits you with more dance and nu-disco vibes than pop. The light plucky electronic notes give way to melodic flows that only build the vibe before you burst through to strong dance vibes.

The vocals are as infectious as the melody and blends with the music to build the flow of the track. Paige’s performance is strong and melodic while getting an edge of electronica. The electronic additions to the vocals boost the dance vibes of the track yet don’t seem to take anything away from the messaging. Through the lyrics and performance, you can hear the confusion of the physical for the emotional which is really interesting for a dance-driven track.

China Paige has you moving to her dance beats while working through physical affection and love in ‘I Can’t Get Enough’. There is an infectious energy to the song that pulses through you with the plucky beats, but the strong and melodic vocals add a different dimension.

Find out more about China Paige on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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