Chintzy Stetson – Fair Share (2021)

The media has a lot of power over how we view the world. With his single ‘Fair Share’, Chintzy Stetson explores the portrayal of the world in the media and the feeling of betrayal that many feel about the corrupt portrayals. Through this, he considers how this challenges our sense of being and views of truth in our personal lives.

With a curious musical style, Stetson merges thick basslines with dreamy saxophones. While many might remember the man behind the music as a founding member of Them Things, his solos music offers a view of how he sees the world. The single is the second release off his debut EP and is a delightful taster for what is yet to come.

‘Fair Share’ opens with a really dreamy flow. The vocals have a hazy feeling to them as they rest over the melody through the first verse. Stetson’s vocals get a growl to them before heading back to the dreamy vibes. This injection of vocal textures is wonderful on the chorus as it brings a gritty reality to the track. The lyrics are well worth some serious attention as they work through the effect warped portrayals in the media cause in our lives. Through all of this, you are brought to the understanding that you can overcome these betrayals and form your own understanding of personal truth.

While the vocals work through some rather heavy themes, the melody offers a grounded foundation for the dreaminess of the vocal delivery. The beats gently pluck against your senses propelling you forward. The saxophone is an utter pleasure to hear as it sears through the soundscape. It picks up threads of the guitar to rest like an ember of warmth in your chest. The melody has a wonderfully unique feeling to it that is warm and rich without overpowering the rather delicate vocals.

Chintzy Stetson challenges our view of the world through the dreamy yet searing movements of ‘Fair Share’. His vocal performance moves from dreamy to growling on the chorus as he gets you thinking about the world around us. The melody offers a perfect foundation for this exploration while the saxophone flies through your senses.

Find out more about Chintzy Stetson on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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