Christine Baird – Sense Of It All (2021)

If Shania Twain were to have a lovechild with Keith Urban, then Christine Baird would be it. With good looks and a ton of attitude, the US-based singer-songwriter offers a soft folk sound with some rock edge. After a five year break in releasing music, Baird’s much-anticipated debut EP has been released. Featured on several online radio stations and called “a truly great discovery” by Edgar Allan Poets, Baird is definitely one to watch. We have the honour of introducing her to y’all with her EP Sense of it All.

Defying the uncertainty and challenges of Covid-19 restrictions, Baird’s Sense of it All is a conglomeration of country, pop, blues and rock. Produced by Ashton Michael Corey, but mastered by Nashville-based Eric Conn, this new EP is a well-arranged album with exemplary layers and textures. The melodic arrangment of dynamic instrumentation and soaring vocals creates a soulful ambience with edgy rock sentiments.

Showcasing her versatility as an artist, Christine Baird elegantly traverses several genres while retaining rich, warm tones. Embracing the sounds of LeAnn Rimes, Meredith Brooks and Christina Aguilera, Baird adds a robustness to the laidback EP. Yes, I can make these comparisons, but it is only to share some idea of what Baird sounds like. The fact is that Baird’s vocal range and heartfelt tone is completely unique.

From the soft ‘Control (Intro)’ to the invigorating ‘Girl You Can’t Lose’ and haunting ‘Dear Lover’, Sense of it All is a 21-minute gem of an album. What I find intriguing is Baird’s effortless transitions from smooth and silent to upbeat and buoyant within a few minutes. Accompanied by various musicians and diverse instrumentation, including an organ in ‘Never Had To Ask’, each song has a shining individuality.

It is difficult to choose a favourite amidst the tracks, but I think my heart leans toward ‘Never Had To Ask’ and ‘Girl You Can’t Lose’. The tracks stand out amidst the folk-influenced singles with sharp, bold and inspiring sounds. The bluesy ‘Girl You Can’t Lose’ adds a provocative sincerity while ‘Never Had To Ask’ inspires with a gospel style.

Overall, I really enjoy Sense of it All. It has guts and edge, but with a flowing smoothness to soothe the soul. This is my first taste of Christine Baird and I can’t wait for more.

For more from Christine Baird check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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