Track of the Day: Daggerplay – Castaway

Merging elements of punk, 70s rock and power-pop, the Finnish ska-punk group Daggerplay celebrate their 10th anniversary this year. Known for emotive melodies and engaging lyrics, each member adds their own diverse musical experiences to create a boundary-breaking sound. Already established as part of the Finnish indie music scene, Daggerplay uses their music as a sonic representation of their past, present and looking into the future. Featured in various press, including Right Chord Music, and several playlists/online music radio, the lads and lady are turning heads of curators across the globe. One of the latest additions to their repertoire is the single ‘Castaway’.

Marking their decade in music, ‘Castaway’ is a stamp to say “yes, we are here and are not going away any time soon”. Upbeat and jovial, ‘Castaway’ embodies the core of ska with its funky, punky design. The pounding drums weave elegantly with dynamic drums while retaining a hard-hitting rock influence. What I love most about ska is the bouncy beat where you cannot help but jump up and start dancing – this is most evident in ‘Castaway’. The lead vocals are rich and powerful while still melding in the flowing melodic arrangement. Yet, it is not the intriguing melody that captivates audiences but the significant lyricism.

Not afraid to share their opinion on controversial topics, Daggerplay uses a storytelling narrative to take us on a journey through the crazy streets of the “concrete jungle”. Meeting real-life characters such as homeless, lowlifes and the High Street Jesus who is “…carrying a huge cross in the middle of the busy streets where passers-by rush away from the inner city back to the safety of the suburbs.” Using this vivid expression of toil and struggle, Daggerplay clearly executes exhaustion, anxiety and desperation within a juxtaposing happy melody.

In addition to the single, Daggerplay released an official music video for ‘Castaway’. You can see the video below or on their YouTube channel.

For more from Daggerplay check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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