DAMIEN – Love Myself (2021)

There are a lot of songs out there that light the path to self-love, but few for those who already love themselves in a completely non-narcissistic way. This is where DAMIEN comes in with the sexy and brazen sounds of ‘Love Myself’. With a sassy vibe, he affirms self-appreciation and independence while declaring that he does love himself and understands that struggles in life are here to teach us.

Drawing on the influence of industrial and darkwave artists, DAMIEN swirls a heavy and dark synth soundscape into your ears. As a lead-up to his album Wrong Age. Wrong Race. Wrong Gender., the single is indicative of what is to come. With an emotional blast that draws on his own struggles and thoughts on identity, the single and upcoming album are as poignant as they are uplifting.

‘Love Myself’ pounds its way into your senses with a touch of industrial noise before the deep beat takes over. There is a slithering vibe to the synths as they weave around the pulses of the beat. This turns into pulses of light and uplifting bounces. The melody is an addictive merger of darkwave and electronic pop that makes you smile and brings a new sound to your ears. There is no way you listen to this melody and not move to the brazen sounds.

As the melody has you moving to its blended sound, DAMIEN’s vocals call out with sassy and self-love. The lyrics lay out all the reasons why he already loves himself and really has you reflecting on all the good in your life. There is a slight smirk to his vocals that is so self-assured that you feel it boosting your confidence levels. While the lyrics could be taken as narcissistic, his performance turns it into an uplifting flow that has you viewing all the reasons you should love yourself. As the track continues, the sexy blast of the track reminds you that the bad of the past teaches you how to move forward.

DAMIEN perfectly combines sassy, self-assured vocals with an uplifting message and brazen melodics in ‘Love Myself’. The single has you appreciating everything in your life and realising that you have everything you need to love yourself. The assured, confident and independent blast of his vocals boosts your confidence.

Find out more about DAMIEN on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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