Dayweaver – Dayweaver S01E01-5 (2021)

Blasting onto the scene in 2020, Netherlands-based Dayweaver teeters on the cusp of ambience, pop and trip-hop creating a unique sound. Part of an independent collective, Marcel Young, John Nomski, Yari Inzaghi and Allie Osha demonstrate their eclecticism forging abstract noise into melodic music. With a growing reputation for experimental and original tunes, Dayweaver has featured on several online radio stations, playlists and notable blogs (including Talk About Pop Music) reaching people on an international scale. The latest addition to their intriguing discography is the EP Dayweaver S01E01-5.

Transporting me directly back to the 1980s with elements of synth-pop and post-punk, Dayweaver creates a hazy ambience with their evocative music. A kaleidoscopic swirl of sound, the melody has a dynamic quality in its abstractness. Yet, while the beats and synths build a “fog”, Marcel Young anchors the listener with a rich steadiness in his robust vocals.

Reaching their goal of “doing something different”, the group find a fragile delicacy in their “foggy” sounds. The synth-driven ‘Bloodman’ and ‘Swear’ are a nod to 80s pop, but Dayweaver incorporates contemporary genres throughout the EP. ‘Hurricane’ sees a leaning toward indie-pop with flowing melodies while ‘Ordinarily’ has undertones of indie-rock and melodic metal. The most abrasive of the five tracks is ‘Right On The Money’ with severe trip-hop beats leading the single.

A cinematic soundscape of modern music, the band elegantly traverses styles to reach a genre-defying conclusion. One could consider the EP to be cold; however, Young’s warm vocals add an ethereal quality to the songs. Haunting in a way, Dayweaver S01E01-5 lingers with melancholic wistfulness sending shivers down your spine.

For more from Dayweaver check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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