DIVIANNE – Peace of Mind (2021)

Featured by notable blogs like Lefuturewave, YMX, Roadie Music and various online radios/playlists, French singer-songwriter DIVIANNE has a haunting sound that will, well, haunt your soul. Over the last four years (give or take), the songstress has released several intimate, heartfelt singles connecting with her growing fanbase. The latest addition to her repertoire is the EP Peace of Mind.

There is not much information about DIVIANNE regarding her biography, but who needs to know more than that she has an outstanding sound. Tender vocals are a silver lining in an intense musical tapestry wrapping you in a warm, meaningful sonic blanket; and it has been this way since her first single ‘Out of the Water’. Releasing one single per year, DIVIANNE has kept us wanting more and waiting in anticipation, but now she brings all of her tunes together in Peace of Mind.

Using tracks written between 2015 and 2019, Peace of Mind is an all-encompassing representation of DIVIANNE throughout her career. We begin with ‘Hold Space for Me’ with DIVIANNE incorporating elements of folk, soul and tinges of indie-rock. Smooth and simplistic, the song showcases how basic music can be more beautiful than the loudest rock band out there. Flowing and smooth, ‘Hold Space for Me’ has a cinematic vibe, however, DIVIANNE highlights her versatility with abrupt, obscure instrumentation interspersed throughout the track.

As with some of the best musicians, DIVIANNE points out she is no one-trick pony in Peace of Mind. Following the smooth ‘Hold Space for Me’, this singer-songwriter presents a slightly darker and heavier melody with ‘What Matters’. Powerful with prominent jazz-influenced drums, DIVIANNE makes a statement that she will “keep on going” regardless of any challenge standing in her way. It is as if the drums are representative of her insurmountable spirit. Finally, we have the folk-tinged ‘Come Back Home’ and contemporary jazz-filled ‘Peace of Mind’.

While the melodic arrangement of each song has an eclectic quality, it is DIVIANNE’s bold vocals that enhance the poignancy of the EP. Using a personal narrative, Peace of Mind connects with listeners on a higher level. The songstress explores feelings of empowerment, isolation, acceptance, failure and self-belief with her tracks. Reminiscent of Norah Jones and Katie Melua in her dulcet vocals, DIVIANNE has an enigmatic sound; however, it is the toe-tingling intensity of her songs with their deeper connections that make DIVIANNE a truly unmistakeably beautiful artist.

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