Dizmation – Never Destroyed (2021)

Featured on The Other Side Reviews several times in the past, the most recent being an interview, Dizmation is a firm favourite among our writers. If you aren’t sure who this talented artist is, well we’re here to tell you. The brainchild of a Dublin-based artist, this is a solo project that reflects existential truths in his evocative music. Introspective dream-pop with a hint of post-punk and indie-pop, the Irish singer-songwriter effortlessly captivates listeners with his genre-defying sound. The latest addition to his unique repertoire is the single ‘Never Destroyed’.

Following his upbeat shoegaze-covered grunge single ‘Still’ (read our review here), Dizmation adopts a slower, smoother and more ethereal sound in ‘Never Destroyed’. Reminiscent of Soundgarden and Coldplay, ‘Never Destroyed’ has a haziness to it plunging the listener into a breath-taking pool of water. Combining dynamic guitars with swelling synths and steady drums, the new track has a sense of calm about the melody; however, it is the conceptual lyricism that shows Dizmation’s profoundness.

Recorded in a home studio, the self-produced single touches on art, self-expression and the “compelling need an artist feels to create”. Dizmation compares this desire to create to “an addiction, but an addiction with a positive journey and ultimately cathartic end”. What I find interesting is how there is a lyrical inclination to releasing energy in a healthy way but also indicates that reality is a fluid construct that cannot be destroyed or created remaining in a constant state.

Flooding the otherworldly melody with his languid and gentle vocals, ‘Never Destroyed’ finds the delicate balance between haunting surrealism and tentative existentialism. The kaleidoscopic soundscape embraces the philosophical content but is also so laidback you lose all thought and just feel. I enjoyed this single, particularly as it showcases Dizmation’s versatility, and I look forward to what he has in the future.

In addition to his single, Dizmation released an official music video for ‘Never Destroyed’. The video can be seen on his YouTube Channel.

For more from Dizmation check out his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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