Dom Malin – Yesterday’s Love (2021)

With endearing vocals and emotive melodies, singer-songwriter Dom Malin effortlessly breaks your heart with each of his songs. Reminiscent of James Bay and John Mayer, but with his own unique sound, Malin showcases the power of simplicity in his music. Featured in Right Chord Music, FV Music Blog, A&R Factory and Indie Top 39, the UK-based multi-instrumentalist is turning heads across the globe. The latest addition to his heartfelt discography is the single ‘Yesterday’s Love’.

Following his debut EP Something Never Said, Pt. 1, Malin continues his personal journey of discovery in the single ‘Yesterday’s Love’. His eclecticism is clearly noted in Something Never Said, Pt. 1 with piano-led ballads and upbeat folk songs; however, it is his innovativeness that is viewed in this latest track. Not necessarily acoustic-inspired, but with the basic rawness of acoustic performances, ‘Yesterday’s Love’ uses both lyricism and melody to express the poignancy of his message.

Described by Malin as being “for anyone who has found themselves in the need of closure after a relationship’s light has faded”, ‘Yesterday’s Love’ has a powerful connection to the complexities of human nature. The bold, rich vocals are intriguing as they add comfort and discomfort to the song. It is as if Malin is trying to share his confusion and despair but also ensure an understanding of “you are not alone” within the song. I just believe it is with this sophisticated narrative that Malin shows his true depth of character.

The music is simple but its brutal honesty ensnares your senses and captivates your mind. A welcome breath of fresh air in a stagnating indie scene, the emotive sentimentality in Malin’s songs resonates with listeners. As he mentions about ‘Yesterday’s Love’, the song places you in “a dreamlike state wondering if there is something still there…”. I think all his music is anthemic enough to place you in a dreamlike state, but a good one.

For more from Dom Malin check out his official website, Instagram and Spotify.

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