Earthstate – Earthstate (2019)

Earthstate is an alternative rock band from Lyon, France. The members consist of Stane Jackson (vocals), Maxime Divetain (guitars), Dewi Mrl (bass), and Thib GL (drums). After building a strong and solid friendship, they wanted to create something that allowed them to share their view of the world while sharing their influences with their audience.

On March 22nd, the band released their first full-length album entitled Earthstate, including the singles ‘No Turning Back’ and ‘Castles in the Air’. It’s full of catchy tunes, melodies and riffs.

The album tells the story of a fictional character who decides to leave his daily routine which he does not really enjoy. He goes off to face the unknown and build a better life in a place he doesn’t know. Each song of the album will tell a part of his journey, from the moment he decides to leave, until the arrival in his new fictional El Dorado. He goes through all kinds of adventures and emotions, like euphoria, doubt, fear, and determination.


As with any story, the character is going to go through various emotions, triumphs and tribulations. The band continues to explain the feelings associated and main message of the album.

In the end, the main message of the album is that nothing is impossible if you give yourself the means, no matter the obstacles you encounter.


The best way to describe the overall sound is if metal and alternative rock were rolled into one. It’s like a mix of Our Last Night, Architects and Assuming We Survive. Some songs have a harder and louder (not quite as hard as Architects) sound, while others lie somewhere in the middle and towards the softer side.  

While each song is different in terms of aggressiveness, they all have a steady and unique beat, that really makes one want to get on their feet and jump around. Throughout the album, there are killer and fast paced riffs that help set the tone for the song, as well as how it coincides with the lyrics/message of the song.

Besides the sound, I liked that they created a concept album about something people often struggle with. It’s about life and facing it head-on. Whether it’s moving to another state or country, or leaving home and going out on your own after college (even going away to college), it’s scary because you’re trying to find the way that will eventually lead you to your personal El Dorado. Everyone has to go through the trials and tribulations, ups and downs, and good and bad because that’s life. We get scared. What if I fail? What happens if I don’t find happiness?     

I really enjoyed this album. It was upbeat, had a clear message, and made me want to sing along. There was a balance of clean and understandable vocals along with screaming, which can be difficult to find as you go deeper into the metal genre. I recommend listening to this artist if you’re a fan of bands such as, Our Last Night, The Amity Affliction, Architects, and Assuming We Survive.

Earthstate’s self-titled debut album is now available for streaming on all major platforms, including Spotify. To get to know Earthstate better and keep up with news you can check out their Facebook and Instagram.

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