Elkvilla – Just Kids (2021)

With his single ‘Strangers’, Elkvilla considered by people become strangers to each other when a relationship ends. His latest single ‘Just Kids’ takes a different approach to relationships through the nostalgic indie-folk tones. Using a summer vibe, he reminisces about youth and young love before looking at the need to move on from each other.

This nostalgic look at young love and times past is brought to life through the beautiful duet tones of the track. Adam Dudek is joined by singer-songwriter Darby (backing vocals) in this walk down memory lane and the knowledge that moving away from someone you love is often the only option. Recorded and mixed by Dudek, the single continues the emotive hits that he is fast becoming known for.

The soft flow of the acoustic guitar opens ‘Just Kids’ and draws you into nostalgic vibes. Through the movement of the guitar, you are taken back in time to a warm summer spent with someone you care about. The tender notes of the music pluck at your heart filling it with the remember warmth of young love. As the song progresses, the music moves to a rainy day that is filled with affection. While there is a lot of happiness and good vibes in the music, there is an overtone of melancholy. This layer brings a touch of sadness to the good memories but does not diminish the depths of affection being felt.

As you ride the memories of the melody, the softness of Dudek’s vocals sinks into you. Through the verses, he lays out memories with a delightful clarity allowing you to see them play out against your eyelids. Darby’s backing vocals come in on the chorus to offer depth and a counter to his dulcet tones. The melancholy woven into the melody is felt in the chorus as he brings the heartbreak of young love ending. There is a bittersweet feeling to the reminiscence of the vocals as you look back with a smile yet acutely feel the pain of past heartbreak as if it has just happened.

Elkvilla fills you with a bittersweet feeling as you reminisce about young love, warm summers and past heartbreak in ‘Just Kids’. The tender tones of the acoustic guitar transport you into the past while his vocals pull up warm memories. This is tinged with sadness as past heartbreak washes over you.

Find out more about Elkvilla on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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