Emmanuel Bueno – Effort To Be Free (2020)

If you are looking for an EP that expresses the journey to a free state of mind, Emmanuel Bueno is here for you. His aptly named debut EP Effort To Be Free works through this journey touching on melancholic moods, resolution and peace of mind. The path of this journey is laid out using a fusion of tasteful guitar lines and hip-hop beats.

The tasteful, chilled and somewhat dreamy sounds of the EP have been honed over the years. Since Bueno started playing music in the mid-2000s, he has been working on his craft and exploring genres. This resulted in a sound that is quite unique with a splash of different genres mixed into one.

The EP starts with ‘Heartbeats’ which uses the beats of the melody to create the impression of heartbeats in the opening. The gentle guitar in the opening is like a soft wave lightly lapping on your feet. The rhythmic guitar through the body of the track is beautiful and allows you to relax into it. This is an extremely chilled opening track that wonderfully introduces you to everything Bueno has to offer.

‘Time Will Tell’ has a different vibe with a sense of conflicting emotions within the music. The movement of the melody reflects a fluctuating mood which picks up only to sink back to melancholy. The beat below the guitar is a steady presence that anchors you against the wavering emotions. The guitar solo later in the track is wonderful as it soars but is tinged with a sense of malaise.

The uncertainty and negativity continue with ‘Talking Lives’. This track has a darker sound to it leading to a thread of insecurity and darker emotions seeping through. The beat in this song grabs you and will not let go as you are thrust into the turbulence of negativity. While packed with negative, there is a sense within the melody that you could work through everything.

The EP ends with ‘Free’ which is the resolution of the journey and all the emotions the songs have injected. While the melody offers a resolution, there is a bittersweet tone to the notes. This bittersweet thread gives you the feeling of true acceptance instead of a rosy image of being free. It is a great way of ending the EP as it draws on all the sounds of the EP but hits you with emotional closure.

Emmanuel Bueno maps out the journey to a free state of mind with his instrumental EP Effort To Be Free. Each track highlights his tasteful guitar lines and are infused with emotions. The journey moves from an awakening in ‘Heartbeats’ to resolution and acceptance in ‘Free’.

Find out more about Emmanuel Bueno on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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