Eric Vattima – Reality (2021)

Eric Vattima created the soundtrack for our emotions with his single ‘Friends’. With his latest single ‘Reality’, he is turning his attention to casual conversations and the divisiveness woven into them. Through the powerful vocals and upbeat retro soundscape, he considers the effects these interactions have on people. He also touches on the crippling idea of not being able to adapt to a rapid change in environments.

The single is the final one from his anticipated LP which is due out later this year. The emotional hit of the single is wrapped in punchy guitars which embodies thoughts that run through his head every day. While there is a personal thread to the single, we all encounter these interactions each day giving listeners a clear line to hold onto.

‘Reality’ has a funky guitar line that pulls you into the single. There are a lot of funky grooves in the melody that makes your head move to the beat. The music does have a slight retro funk vibe but there is a modern edge to everything. The movement of the music is utterly addictive and you can’t help but get lost in the swirl of the melody. It really makes you want to move around to it while blaring the single.

Vattima’s vocals are a smooth slide against the punchy guitars and deep drums. The infectious vibe of both his vocals and the melody hook into your brain but you should really take the time to listen to the lyrics. There is a lot packed into them as he works through the paralysing feeling of nightmares brought to life. The groovy tones of his performance will make you want to sing along on the chorus. The harmonisations add a wonderful edge to the performance that just tips it over into perfection.

Eric Vattima has you grooving to the funky retro tone of ‘Reality’ while hitting you with some modern anxiety. The infectious tones of the music have you hooked to the single while making you want to get down to it. Vattima’s vocals enhance this vibe while working through social nightmares coming to life.

Find out more about Eric Vattima on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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