Ethan Senger – One Night (2020)

Ethan Senger has been blending elements of the music that inspired him for his self-titled debut EP. To introduce you to his sound, he has released ‘One Night’ off the EP. Using his mature vocals and mastery of the guitar, he effortlessly surrounds you with a tasteful soundscape that is infused with hints of pop and rock.

A native of Woodstock, Georgia, he draws on the sounds of John Mayer, Marcus King and Rob Thomas. This has resulted in him winning The Voice’s Boston Knock Out Round in 2018. He has also earned a spot in Eddie’s Attic’s 51st Bi-Annual Singer-Songwriter Finals and Madlife Stage and Studio’s Undiscovered Artists Finals.

The guitar line that opens ‘One Night’ hooks your brain and leads you into the song. The beats that smoothly enter under the guitar grab your hand and pull you further into the soundscape. There is something about the melody that you can’t get enough of and have to continue listening to. The movements are smooth while bringing different elements into play. There are catchy guitars, smooth beats and crashing cymbals that weave together to form a blanket of sound that covers you.

Over the melody is Senger’s vocal performance which has a slight twang of soft folk-rock. His performance has this great warmth to it that you can get lost in as he draws you into the lyrics. The lyrics are catchy, particularly the chorus which you can easily start singing along with. There is a little hint of alt-country to the vibe of this track, but this is overcome by the more rock elements of his performance.

Ethan Senger uses warm mature vocals and engaging guitar lines to captivate with his single ‘One Night’. The track blends a number of melodic elements for an enjoyable sonic experience. The power of the vocal performance and guitar lines will make you think Senger is much older than his 20 years.

Find out more about Ethan Senger on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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