Filiah – In A Haunted House (2021)

Through the folky tones of ‘In a Haunted House’, Filiah reflects, lets go and moves on opening herself to all the new possibilities in the world. The single is the third from her upcoming concept album and reflects on the journey of the tracks that come before it. You don’t have to hear the whole album to understand the tale that led to the processing and overcoming highlighted in this track.

With a revisit of old patterns, people and ghosts, the single lifts your spirits as you journey with Filiah to let go of the negatives of the past. Using raw and honest vocals, Filiah uses this single and the album as a whole to dive into a very personal story of pain, perceptions, strength and self-love. By the end of the single, you will be longing to hear the rest of the album.

The gentle folky guitar tones that open ‘In a Haunted House’ have you drifting lazily into the track. It is a tender and touching melody that enhances the emotions woven into the lyrics and vocals. Through the opening melody, you can feel the movement of the past as the memories and experiences nip at your heels and try to catch you. As the song progresses, there is a subtle change in the feeling of the music that rises above and shimmers with the light of hope for the future.

As you drift to the movement of the melody, the layered vocals give your drifting a direction. The lyrics touch on the pain of the past and everything that tries to pull you down. The beautiful imagery of the lyrics is utterly stunning as it captures the emotions of the track in a wonderfully vivid visual. While the melody changes slightly to lead you to a path of light, the vocals turn your attention to healing and the acceptance of self-love. It is a really poignant single that can easily lift your spirits, particularly as the vocals soar into the atmosphere.

Filiah reflects on the past, learns to let go and turns your gaze to the lighter path that leads to a more fulfilling future through ‘In a Haunted House’. The delicate melody has a subtle shift that takes you from a lazy drifting on the past to the first steps to a better future. The vocals enhance this movement while soaring on delightful lyrical imagery.

Find out more about Filiah on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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