Forgotten Sons – Last December (2020)

Surrounded by the cold, rough waters of the North Sea, Forgotten Sons is breeding a brand of alternative rock with pop-punk undertones…or perhaps it’s the other way around. Formed in 2015, the Shetland-based foursome has been compared to the likes of The Gaslight Anthem, Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro pumping out their catchy riffs, infectious choruses and energetic melodies. Ambitious and passionate about what they do, these Scots have several albums and singles to their name. They add their new single ‘Last December’ to this well-received repertoire.

“‘Last December’ is a celebration of the good times we’ve had creating music. In these uncertain times, we know how important music is for us. This is not just a hobby. For many, it’s not just a job; this is a passion. This is our whole lives and without the ability to tour and put on live shows and gigs many friends/businesses have been unable to work and ultimately unable to do what they love.” – John Gair (drums) on ‘Last December’

The follow-up to their critically acclaimed EP Angst and Apathy, ‘Last December’ is a high-paced track combining dynamic instrumentation, robust vocals and moving lyricism. While there is a steady but pounding drumline, the guitar-driven track certainly showcases the guitarist’s skills. Beginning with a rather slow intro reminiscent of Green Day’s ‘Time Of Your Life’ (minus expletives), Forgotten Sons opens with a sentimental sound. Yet, they do not leave you in this lighthearted swirl but raise your emotions with the evocative guitar crescendo leading to a superb solo.

Yes, the instrumentation is well-arranged to guide you on a musical journey; however, it is the effortless addition of rich vocals that pull ‘Last December’ into the realm of punk rock. Brusque lyricism harmonising with brash tones make the single forceful, but with a hint of wistful nostalgia. What I truly enjoy about ‘Last December’, and something that shows the versatility of the artists, is the abrupt halt to end the song. Abrupt is always a memorable end.

For more from Forgotten Sons check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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