Future Lows – Broken (2021)

There are times when you know you need to get out of a situation but you can’t find the right way or are unsure you even want to. These moments have been crafted into an almost cry for help by Future Lows in their single ‘Broken’. While the single touches on struggles with depression and anxiety, there is a universality to the lyrics that allows anyone to relate to them.

This almost plea for help comes from James (vocals) and Mikey (guitar). The duo has known each other for years through their shared interest in music and have been going to shows together since meeting. Drawing on their own lives, the pair infuse their personality into the music while getting you involved in their lyrics.

‘Broken’ uses an expansive opening to draw you into the soundscape. The light touch of the opening gives way to a thundering guitar line that vibrates through your chest. This line has your feet tapping and your head moving before it dips to let the vocals shine. There is a darkness within the melody that comes through the pounding guitar lines. This is tempered by a lightness that shines from the vocals for a wonderfully layered single that makes you think of some mid-2000 bands.

James’ vocals enter in the first dip of the guitars with an almost hazy vibe. There is an intimate feeling to his performance that makes you feel like you are having a conversation with a friend or peeking into his inner thoughts. This builds for the chorus that flows out and makes you want to cry out with the band. There is a light touch of aggression resting in the vocals, particularly on the chorus which adds to the heartfelt vibes of the music. Every element of the track comes together perfectly making it one you will want to add to your favourite playlist.

Future Lows cries out for help while considering whether this is what they really want in the irresistible tones of ‘Broken’. There is a lot of heart in the music that pounds against your ears while getting you moving to the heavy flows. The vocals shine as a light against the darkness of the music while filling you with the emotions of the lyrics.

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