Ger – Love Tattoo (2021)

Nodding to the pop sounds of the late 2000s/early 2010s, Gerard O’Hanlon, also known as Ger, embraces the honesty, sincerity and originality of commercial pop. Alright, I’ll admit, some of Katie Perry’s songs don’t necessarily ooze sincerity, but the thought is there. Influenced by Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera, Ger uses his six-octave vocal range to share a toe-tapping sound with the masses. You may not have heard of the Irish singer-songwriter until now, but you definitely won’t forget him once you hear him sing.

Currently residing in Greece, the 22-year-old artist (age correct at the time of this post) uses personal experiences to take people on musical journeys. In 2018, British singer Jessie J discovered his talent and since then he has secured five Top 10 Hits on the Irish iTunes Charts, a No. 1 position on the Top Alternative Singles charts and was awarded Cork’s “Best New Artist of 2020” in February this year. The latest addition to his well-received discography is ‘Love Tattoo’.

Following his chart-topping single ‘When Ash Turns Into Diamonds’, ‘Love Tattoo’ adopts a more upbeat, buoyant sound than the guitar-driven ballad. Yet, while there is more joviality in the next track, there maintains a sense of raw honesty in the sentimental lyricism. It is here where Ger showcases his innovativeness in songwriting and genre-bending versatility.

We have a bouncy, cheery melody filled with keyboards and underlying synths atop a steady beat, but does the lyrical content meet this toe-tapping sound? Exploring elements of lust, love and heartbreak, ‘Love Tattoo’ has a sophisticated intimacy stretching beyond the simple “I want you but you are breaking my heart by playing games”. Ger explains his desire to write a love song, but “not…a sad love song; that’s not me”.

Admitting he “recorded the idea for this song at 4 am, drunk, in a bathroom at a party with my friends”, ‘Love Tattoo’ is brutally honest in its personal narrative. They say when you’re drunk is when you’re most honest, and this is noted in the new single. Showcasing his unabashed and shameless personality, Ger connects with audiences addressing not only the fragility of infatuation but the fun, lusty side as well. With rich, bold vocals and an enchanting melody, ‘Love Tattoo’ is an anthemic summer tune that will be tattooed on your heart forever…or at least until Ger releases a new track.

For more from Ger check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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