Go Evolution – Cry (2020)

Drawing on personal experience, Go Evolution thrusts you into the loneliness of a broken relationship. While based on real life, the song is relatable as most people have felt a sense of loneliness at some point whether in a broken relationship or not. The emotions of the track are pumped into you with the band’s rock sound. This single makes you excited for their upcoming album Dark Matters.

The real-life experience and emotions of the single come from Matt Phillips, the man behind the band. You might remember him from the 90s rock band Earth To Bob, but the unique blend of modern pop and heavy rock guitars is all Go Evolution. The new band was formed in 2013, released their debut studio album in 2014 and are here to captivate you with their latest single.

‘Cry’ hits you with an engaging opening full of thumping drums and gentle guitars. There are soaring notes that lead you to the vocals. The opening melody continues throughout the song and draws you into the beat. There is an infectious thread within the melody that hooks you and does not let go. When the chorus hits, there is a lively vibe to the melody which is a little at odds with the lyrics.

The lyrics and vocals have a deeper tone than the melody would have you believe. In the verses, Phillips sets the scene of a broken relationship and what you might be feeling. Through the descriptive lyrics, you are placed in the moment of the song. When the chorus comes, his voice is filled with emotions and really drives the messaging of the track home.

Go Evolution draws on personal experience for the catchy yet sad single ‘Cry’. The melody has an upbeat vibe to it that is at odds with the lyrics and vocals. While a somewhat sad single, it is very catchy and the melody is bound to stick in your brain for a while.

Find out more about Go Evolution on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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