Honey B McKenna – 1:11 (2021)

Honey B McKenna uses the three tracks of her debut EP 1:11 to work through the emotions brought about by lockdown. While the lyrics are focused on her own state of mind, the emotions they examine are more universal in nature. Tackling fear, motivation and identity, the EP draws on influences including musical theatre and dance anthems to drive the messaging home.

While music has been a part of McKenna’s life for years as she studied Musical Theatre at the Associated Studios London, she only started producing during lockdown. Since then, she has released official remixes for a number of acts and been featured on BBC Introducing Hereford & Worcester. Now, she is mixing the early hours with emotional journeys for her debut EP.

The EP opens with ‘One’ which hits you with some serious dance beats that pulse through your brain. These beats are accompanied by synth tones that have a light touch of the 80s to them. McKenna’s vocals are a delicate light that shines through the rather intense melody. There is something about her vocal performance that hooks into your brain and leads you through the song. Through her performance, you are filled with a sense of strength and excitement for the future. The lyrics acknowledge what many have been feeling while boosting your spirits and letting you know that the future is brighter than you might think.

‘Never Be Free’ continues to hit you with dance beats, but they are more industrial and forceful in the melody. Again, McKenna’s voice is a bright light that shines through the music. On the chorus, her vocals take on a dance vibe that makes you want to jump around. There is a poetic vibe to the lyrics as they work through thoughts and emotions we have all felt at some time. She brings the uncertainty many feel and the self-imposed restrictions we place on ourselves to light. The thumping melody is a little at odds with the lyrics as it pounds dancing vibes into you.

The EP comes to a close with a groovier tone in ‘Please Don’t Tell Me Who I Am’. The funky tones that open the track bring back that slight 80s edge with a wash of dreamy pop. There is a more melodic flow to this song compared to the other two on the EP. While you are hit with greater melodics, there are still these dance tones woven into the lower levels that build in your chest and make you want to move. The lyrics are really catchy as they work through identity and the pressures that others put on us. There is a great boost of self-confidence resting in this song that fills your veins like liquid gold.

Honey B McKenna has you dancing to her beats while she works through some serious themes in her debut EP 1:11. Each track has a deep dance beat that pounds into your muscles making them want to move. McKenna’s vocals shine out from the depths of the melodies like a bright light leading you through emotions and thoughts while leaving you feeling better for it.

Find out more about Honey B McKenna on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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