Ian Home – In My Orbit (2020)

Constantly running into an ex who you still feel a spark of affection for is something that a lot of people go through. This experience forms the basis of ‘In My Orbit’ by Ian Home as he maps the emotional impact of such encounters. Inspired by his own experience of this, he looks at how two people can’t seem to get away from each other and the yearning they have for the other.

Through his music, Home looks to communicate the strength of the human spirit. Infusing a sense of liberation and introspection into his music, he has you thinking while enjoying his vibes. Packing a heavy emotional hit, this single showcases the control he has over his voice and the nuance of his writing abilities.

‘In My Orbit’ draws you in with a twisting synth opening before deep beats bounce against your ears. These beats have a great 80s vibe to them as they pulse through you. The deep beats give way to higher tones for the chorus that act as a backing vocal at times. There is a lively flow to the melody that strangely complements the heavier emotional lyrics. The layers of the melody pulse with a sense of liberation that bolster the messaging of the lyrics.

Home’s vocals add to the 80s vibe of the single, but there is also something wonderfully modern about his performance. His voice her a wonderful flow against the pulsing beats as he fills you with the emotions of the track. Through his performance, you are thrown into the yearning for an ex that is tempered by the want to move on. It is a delicate interplay that perfectly captures the emotions of the encounters that fuelled the creation of the track.

Ian Home captivates you with a light dash of 80s synths and his emotive yet lively vocals in ‘In My Orbit’. The melody pulses against you while bolstering the lively flow of Home’s vocals. His performance is a steady thread against the beats as he inundates you with the emotions of encounters with an ex you still yearn for.

Find out more about Ian Home on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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