Jake Aldridge – Down (2021)

With his single ‘King of the World’, Jake Aldridge let us know that true love is still out there and found by people every day. He is offering a different message with his latest single ‘Down’ which is a tribute and celebration of the underdog. An inspiring single, it captures his own fight against adversity while bolstering anyone in need of a strengthening hand.

Drawing on his own story of overcoming a lack of natural rhythm to become an award-winning musician, he touches on a universal struggle while letting you know that you are not alone. Using a jovial mixture of his country-tinged tones and moving pop, he dives into an honest homage to the underdog. If the single itself is not enough to lift your spirits and strengthen your resolve, the music video will drive the message of the track home.

‘Down’ softly flows into your senses with a light guitar-driven melody. The lightness of the melody has you wanting to close your eyes and soak up the peaceful feeling. This light flow continues through the first verse before rising with the drums on the chorus. The rise in the melody brings a burst of strength to your soul as you ride the power of the melodics. While a smooth and easy melody, there is this drive laced into the instrumentation that pushes you ever forward.

The boost you get from the melody is seconded by Aldridge’s vocals. When his voice enters, there is a whispered feeling as he dives into the doubts that so many people have and the challenges we often face. As the melody rises, his voice matches it as he soars with a feeling of connection and understanding. The chorus is where you really get the biggest boost of resolve as he pays tribute to the underdogs. There is a delightful sense of community and connection in the track that leaves you knowing that you are not alone and that there are people who see and appreciate your struggles.

The music video brings the message of the track to visuals with a heart-warming story. While Aldridge is in the country singing the video follows the day of an older busker who plays at the train station. As we see him being ignored by the commuters, the sadder edge of the track hits you. However, as the video progresses, we are treated to the happier side of the song and the brighter future that awaits the underdog.

Jake Aldridge pays tribute to the underdog while giving anyone who struggles hope and a firm resolve through the moving sounds of ‘Down’. The melody has a driving feeling that lifts you up and offers the strength you need to get through. His vocals rise with the melody as they acknowledge the challenges people face while letting you know that he understands, sees and appreciates what you are going through.

Find out more about Jake Aldridge on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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