Jester Society – Bad Bones (2021)

Through their single ‘¡White Bravo!’, Jester Society touched on the reality of a volatile society with a fusion of soulful vocals and hip-hop sensibilities. With their latest single ‘Bad Bones’ they continue with their brand of post-pop electronic sound and weave it into something a little unsettling. Diving into a strange, imagined future, the single offers a splash of darkness to pulsing LED lights.

While filling our ears with their sound, the band also touches on important topics including the balance between fun and toxic materialism. With a ticking sound that leads listeners to the ultimate tipping point, there is a deep message that we all should take note of. The complexity and addictive vibes of the single let us all know why the band is becoming so popular across Europe.

The guitars that open ‘Bad Bones’ fly through you only to be tossed to the side by the deep electronic tones. These tones have a very industrial feeling to them that gives way to a paced melodic movement. The melody is really interesting as it vibrates through you with drones while getting you to move around with the higher electronic tones. There are smooth movements between the elements that really showcases the mastery of the band and brings a sophistication to the track. While the electronic tones are the main element of the music, there are these additional tones that make their way through the soundscape to increase the texture and complexity of the song.

The vocals are as interesting as the melody as they swing between movement and styles. They enter by bouncing against the deep beats before taking off and gliding on the currents creates by the music. There is a dance feel to them at times but this is woven into something so unique that it can only be described as pure Jester Society. This uniqueness brings pulses of lights that you can easily get lost in while singing with pure bliss.

Jester Society brings a compelling mix of sonic elements and styles to ‘Bad Bones’ while touching on important themes. The melody is a masterful balance of electronic drones and lighter neon lights that vibrate through your bones. The vocals bring a dance vibe while bouncing off the unique tones of the music.

Find out more about Jester Society on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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