Kate Brunotts – all caps (2021)

Kate Brunotts had listeners focussing on themselves while filling their ears with interesting arrangements in ‘Two Minutes’. Now, she is looking at the disconnect we all face between our physical self and digital representation with her EP all caps. Through the tracks of the EP, she considers how the digital draws more and more of who you actually are until all that is left is a few lines of code.

Using a concept that is all too easy to relate to, Brunotts breaks down the dichotomy of modern life and looks for a way to overcome it. This is wrapped up in a sound that is only growing in maturity and style, she cements her place as one of the artists you should be keeping an eye on. By the end of the EP, you will not only better understand your physical and digital self, but feel eager for more of her music.

‘GEMINI’ opens the EP with an experimental pop tone. The warbling tones of the opening give way to a slightly industrial pop beat that brings the digital tones of the world to the track. There is an off-kilter feeling to the melody that brings the disconnect of digital and physical to sonic life. The vocals offer an organic line that helps you weather the storm of the disconnect. There is a really avant-garde feeling to this track that is captivating and constantly has you wondering what will happen next. While keeping you on your toes, there is an interesting flow to the music that makes the track easy to listen to.

The electronic tones of the digital world continue in ‘JOINT BANK ACCOUNT’. There is a slight warp to the electronic tones that create the melody giving a strange feeling to the music. This feeling is given direction by the vocals that detail the end of a relationship and the digital threads that need to be tied off. As you move through the single, there is a swirl of emotion in the melody and the vocals bring a touch of anger to the soundscape. This is wonderful as it creates the anger and pain that is created by these digital reminders that you want to be far away from.

‘GONE SOUR’ has a much lighter feeling to the last two tracks as it cascades with glittering soft tones. There is an almost ethereal or whimsical feeling to the opening that slowly gains a more electronic edge. The lightness comes through on the airy and rather otherworldly vocals that take you far from the physical reality. This all takes a darker turn later in the track which wonderfully captures the dissolution of a relationship that is brought through with the lyrics. The track has an amazing dynamic movement to it that hooks you to the sound.

The darker touches of the last track are picked up and turned into a true electronic alt-pop track with ‘GROUNDHOG DAY’. Through the lyrics, you are treated to the frustrations that many of us feel about the word both present and future. The pulses of electronic tones shine with neon darkness that is packed with annoyance and frustration that cannot be released. While the music brings the emotions of the track to life, the vocals march on with an understanding that there feels like there is nothing that can be done. This brings a strange vibe to the track as you feel the frustration but also feel complete apathy at the same time.

‘PROJECTIONS’ sweeps through you with a powerful yet dreamy opening. The movement of the music is rather epic as it has you soaring on the waves of the sound. There is a euphoria to the movement that is echoed in the vocals that are cotton soft. They sweep across your skin and have you flying through the atmosphere while letting go of everything that tethers you to the negatives of life. While lifting you up, the track touches on feelings of absolute bliss that ease the emotions of the previous tracks.

The EP comes to an end with ‘ALL THE VOICES IN MY HEAD’ which draws on elements from all the other tracks to form an understanding and acceptance of the world. While the lyrics could be taken literally as hearing voices, there is a much deeper meaning in the context of the EP. Through the humming choral tones and deep strings, you are led to an understanding that the digital world is part of life and we need to accept the feelings that come with it. As the different voices of the vocal performance come together, they seem to signify how all the threads of physical and digital life can come together for a beautiful soundtrack.

Kate Brunotts tackles the disconnect between digital and physical life through the rather avant-garde tones of her EP all caps. Each track takes on a different aspect of this disconnect from the digital remains of past relationships to the understanding and acceptance of both aspects of life. The tracks come together to form a touching and thought-provoking EP that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

Find out more about Kate Brunotts on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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