Kipani – Enlighten Me (2020)

There are a lot of people who are made to feel inferior and need an injection of empowerment. This is what ‘Enlighten Me’ by Kipani aims to do. Using upbeat and friendly energy, the single offers empowerment, sarcasm and upliftment for anyone who has been made to feel inferior. Drawing on her own experience of the stigmas attached to women in certain fields, Kipani delicately walks the line of breaking the glass ceiling.

Using an elegant shade of indie-pop, Kipani melds her classical music background with a breath of fresh air. She first started playing the piano at a young age but moved away from her classical training to pursue her passion for music in other ways. Since rekindling her relationship with the piano, she has found the spark that was missing and started creating music you need to listen to.

‘Enlighten Me’ uses a piano opening to draw you into the track. The rolling beats that enter under the piano line propel you into the song’s soundscape. There is a great energy to the melody that you can’t help but be drawn into. The different layers of sound enter at different times but meld for an infectious experience. The upbeat sound gets you moving to the beat, but there is still an easiness that lets you relax.

Kipani’s vocals create this great middle layer to the song. The easiness within the melody shines in her performance, but this picks up for the chorus. Her performance has this cheeky sarcasm threaded into each word that makes you smile as you listen. The chorus is really catchy and you will want to start singing along. The lyrics are easy to connect with particularly if you have been made to feel inferior for any reason.

Kipani has also released a music video for the single that not so subtly hits out at the stigmas attached to women to make them feel inferior. The video starts with Kipani walking in a field where she joins two other ladies on chairs with signs over their necks. It is an easy video to watch and portrays the sarcastic tone of the single perfectly. The dance moves on the chairs for the chorus are fun and add to the upbeat feeling of the track.

Kipani takes a sarcastic swipe at those who make people feel inferior and gives you the empowering boost you need with ‘Enlighten Me’. The song is a fun and uplifting experience full of great vibes and a sarcastic call out of stigmas and people who make others feel bad.

Find out more about Kipani on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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