Track of the Day: Kramies – Days Of

Indie-rock artist from Colorado, US, Kramies is back with his new single ‘Days Of’. Taken off his self-titled EP, Kramies shares that this is “the most anticipated EP yet” with some exciting songs; ‘Days Of’ is just one of them. Let’s have a look (or rather a listen).

‘Days Of’ kicks off with gentle guitar riffs and drumbeat. The vocals start and are very soothing. He sings about someone who he cares deeply about and how he feels like he’s falling apart but the person brought him back. The chorus is extremely catchy and the lyrics are beautiful and heartfelt. The bassline and drumbeat throughout the song are very strong and captivating with guitar riffs that are soothing and beautiful. It’s a very gentle rock song and you feel like you can listen to it when you want to unwind and relax; a beautiful love song that so many people could relate to.

For more from Kramies check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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