Lost Club – Holding On To You (2021)

Lost Club is no stranger to our ears and neither is the journey of relationships that makes up his upcoming EP. After treating us to the insecurity and vulnerability of ‘Alone’, ‘Holding On To You’ is another step in the emotional journey of the EP. Touching on the feeling of knowing a relationship is coming to an end and not being quite ready to admit it, the single delves into feelings and situations most of us can relate to.

This single continues the honest approach of his music while sliding into his captivating pop sound. Bringing a feeling of timeless tones to something new and interesting, Lost Club is always a pleasure to listen to. With vocals that delicately tap your emotions into blossoming through your veins, his music stays with you long after you stop listening.

‘Holding On To You’ sweeps into life with a haze of synths that bring a slightly retro vibe with them. The neon lights of the synths flicker and shine around you as the guitar plucks its way through them. There is a really easy feeling to the melody that has you resting back into the lights and feelings. As the single progresses, the music fills you with a contemplative feeling like you are lying back on a couch and thinking about everything. This swirls with the synths into a rising feeling of trying to hold onto something you can feel slipping through your fingers.

The emotions that make an appearance in the melody are on full display in the vocals. The lyrics have a raw honesty to them that makes them so easy to connect with. Lost Club’s vocal performance floats before gaining a yearning and somewhat pained tone as he pleas for everything to be perfect. There is an understanding that the good that he wants may not become a reality which adds an interesting touch to the track. The movement of his vocals enhances the retro yet modern feeling of the melody for a sound that is quite timeless.

Lost Club continues his honest journey through relationships packed with retro yet modern tones for the timeless ‘Holding On To You’. The melody is a wash of neon tones and relaxing back into the couch to think about things. His vocals pick up the mixture of the music while touching on pleading and the dream of good times that may never come.

Find out more about Lost Club on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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