Man & Boy – Adelaide (2020)

Man & Boy are drawing on nostalgic memories and romance for their single ‘Adelaide’. Using a unique soundscape that combines rock with Britpop, the band lets you know what they are all about. Taking inspiration from the mid-90s, they fill with you waves of nostalgia while tapping into your romantic side.

The father and son band consists of 14-year old Alfie Summersgill (drums, vocals) and Dave Summersgill (guitar, bass, keys, vocals). While their sound first came about as a practical exercise for Alfie, they are taking it to the next level. An interesting backstory for an interesting sound that will have you wondering about life, love and nostalgia.

‘Adelaide’ has a nostalgic flow to the opening like you are floating on a river of memories. This builds up in pace for a hazy movement that you easily slide along. The melody perfectly combines Britpop with rock for an easy listening experience. While you are washed with nostalgic vibes, the driving drums propel you forward into the soundscape. There is a laidback feeling to the music that you can’t help but relax into as it washes over you. The layers of the music combine smoothly to build up only to drop you for an easy exit.

Dave Summersgill’s vocals add to the nostalgic vibes of the single. His voice continues the easiness of the melody and draws you further into the soundscape. The lyrics roll against your ears as they fill you with a sense of romantic wonder. There is an almost surf feeling to the vocals, but this is tempered by the hazy melody and lyrics.

Man & Boy send you down a river of nostalgia floating on a raft of romantic vibes in ‘Adelaide’. The almost hazy melody gives a cotton soft basis for the vocals. There is a wonderfully warm flow to the music that has you sitting back and relaxing as it washes over your senses.

Find out more about Man & Boy on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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