Martin Reynolds – The Boy’s Got Rhythm (2021)

Are you in the mood for a song that has your feet tapping, head bopping and fingers clicking to its infectious rhythm? Well, you are in the right place because that is exactly what ‘The Boy’s Got Rhythm’ by Martin Reynolds has you doing. The last song written for the album, this single would not leave him until it was written. Bringing a unique attitude to his sound, the track blends catchy melodics with witty lyrics for an enjoyable listening experience.

As the song flew out of Reynolds there is a touch of 1950s tones to it that is influenced by the music he had been listening to at the time. Having already caught the attention of BBC Introducing, Reynolds brings something new with this track, while at the same time, picking up where he left off from his last release. Unapologetic in its sincerity, his music brings old-school vibes to modern feelings with masterful care.

Reynolds’ vocals open ‘The Boy’s Got Rhythm’ with an old-school charm that takes you back to the pop days of the 50s and 60s. His voice is smooth as it weaves through your ears and has you smiling to the performance. The lyrics are catchy and you are going to be singing along with them before you even realise that you know what to say. This is particularly true on the chorus which makes you want to sing along with your friends. As the single progresses, the vocals layer with two independent vocal lines coming together for a very pleasant listening experience. More lines are added to the vocals closer to the end of the track, which builds up the energy of the track, before the abrupt end.

Dancing around the engaging vocal performance is a seriously catchy melody. The melody opens with a clapping tone that has your feet tapping to the rhythm. When the guitar hits, your muscles coil and sway without any conscious effort. Meeting the guitar line is an acapella vocal bop that adds to the old-school vibes of the single. While there is a retro feeling to the single throughout, the unique edge it brings merges with something in the low levels, that is delightfully modern.

Martin Reynolds has you tapping and grooving to his infectious sound, while filling the soundscape with some retro tones in ‘The Boy’s Got Rhythm’. The single opens with Reynolds’ charming vocals that introduce the retro tones of the track. The melody grips you from the first clapping tone to the last abrupt note.

Find out more about Martin Reynolds on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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