Matt Monsoor – Galloway (2021)

If Radiohead and Talking Heads were to have a lovechild, then Matt Monsoor would be that child. With chilled vibes and engaging lyricism, this US-based singer-songwriter shares his unique sound with the world. With the exception of the drums, played by Shane Leonard, Monsoor is the full force behind the name with his multi-instrumental skills. His “claim to fame” is a collaborative original song with Carla Azar on the drums, however, he is turning heads this year with the singles ‘The Rower’ and ‘Galloway’. In this review, we take a hard look at the latter track.

Following the genre-defying ‘The Rower’ (read our review here), Monsoor returns with ‘Galloway’. Once again showing his innovativeness as an artist, ‘Galloway’ draws together elements of indie-rock and folk with undertones of blues. An intriguing melodic arrangement is seen (or rather heard) with various textures giving each instrument dominance but still forming a united whole. The wistfulness of the melody carries you off on a sonic bubble, however, there is a depth to the content that can be felt as the song progresses. It is as if the meaning is palpable hanging there like a hazy cloud.

Recorded at Monsoor’s home, but sent off to Shane Leonard for mixing, ‘Galloway’ has an obscure sound within an intimate cinematic soundscape. Written as a reflection of “…an evening spent with my best friend and partner of over 20 years”, the new track seems melancholic but has a more nostalgic sentimentality to it. The wispy, hushed vocals enhance the sense of insightful introspection within long-term relationships. It seems that Monsoor finds the delicate balance between childish innocence and mature sophistication in ‘Galloway’.

Breath-taking and intense in its own chilled-out way, ‘Galloway’ can leave you a bit breathless. With plans for a new EP in 2022, I can only look forward to what is to come.

For more from Matt Monsoor check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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