Medusa – S.O.B. Story (2021)

Medusa is hitting out with the tongue-in-cheek and satirical EP S.O.B. Story. Through the three tracks on the EP, they turn the notion that being queer means a life of sadness and self-loathing on its head. Each track features LGBTQ+ artists and fills you with the upbeat yet slightly menacing sounds of the EP.

Packed with the revenge pop style Medusa usually embraces, they draw on a range of styles to form their serpentine grace. Since their coming-of-gender LP, they have blazed a trail through the underground queer scene and drawn the attention of listeners and critics around the world. The nonbinary artist behind the sound has embraced the power that being seen as a monster brings and thrusts it into the passion of their sound.

The EP starts with defiance through the tones of ‘Piggyback’. With the help of Way2wvybaby, Medusa provides a youthful hit at rainbow capitalism and those who stand for equality only when it suits them. This hit out is done to a really danceable beat that has you bopping to it before you can stop yourself. The movement between organic vocals and electronic ones is wonderful as it adds this edge to the single. You can easily imagine yelling out with this song as you stand up to the establishment. There is actually a lot going on in this track as it moves through different styles while keeping you hooked to it.

‘King of Prom Queens’ draws on the horror movie Carrie while adding a queer spin. The giggles that open the single are quite creepy and bring a dark feeling to the track. This is enhanced by the vocals that ride a smooth flow of twilight movements. There is a rather cinematic feeling to the music that builds throughout the song. As you are drawn into the emotions of the track, you can feel your chest expand with a fire of vengeance. There is a delightful touch of spite to the high electronic tones that are seriously creepy and can easily send chills running down your spine. You can easily imagine this track as part of a horror movie soundtrack.

The EP ends with ‘When Terfs Cry’ which features Overflow. There is a more traditional pop vibe to the opening with the toe-tapping beats that turn into a hip-hop tone. The vocals have this teasing edge as they taunt transphobes’ obsession and questions if this all comes from a crush. The interplay between the teasing vocals and rap vocals is wonderful as it hits you from different levels. There is a wonderful layering to this track that showcases the best elements of the styles being combined.

Medusa turns the idea of infinite sadness for queer people on its head with the striking tracks of S.O.B. Story. Each song uses cheeky lyrics with an interesting melody to hit out at the establishment, Terfs and those who wish to oppress. The tracks are all unique and the collaboration with Way2wavybaby and Overflow adds a spicy edge to the music.

Find out more about Medusa on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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