Michael Ransom – I’d Do It Again (2021)

Previously performing in the group Mavis Victory Project, singer-songwriter Michael Ransom decided to embrace a solo project in 2020. Prompted by the UK lockdowns, Ransom began writing and recording remarkable music which we have actually featured three times before. From ‘Good News Comes In Threes’ to ‘Foxes’, The Other Side Reviews has followed this rising new star closely; in fact, he’s on our super-secret “favourites list” at the office.

Featured not only on our publication but on Music For The Misfits, Turtle Tempo, Sinusoidal Music, Edgar Allan Poets, Punk Rocker, Iggy Magazine, Thoughts Words Action, and various playlists, Ransom is reaching audiences across the blogosphere. We would now like to present to you Ransom’s new single ‘I’d Do It Again’.

Alright, so ‘I’d Do It Again’ is not his latest release but it is the most recent single from Michael Ransom. Taken off his album 20/21, ‘I’d Do It Again’ retains Ransom’s subtle post-punk tone; however, the pounding drums and dynamic guitars add a strong indie-rock flavour to the song. Drawing inspiration from The Beatles, John Lennon and Nirvana, one can feel the incorporation of light-hearted Beatles pop amidst a heavier rock sound. The thing is, while the melodic arrangement certainly captures your attention and warms your heart it is Ransom’s vocals that turn my head. The warmth and vibrance from his tender tones send shivers down my spine every time.

Written as a sonic representation of the concept of relationships, Ransom explains that ‘I’d Do It Again’ is about “meeting someone, overdoing it and feeling like death after, but wanting to do it all again to see them one more time.” When you know what the song is about it’s easy to understand the progression of the track from warm comfort to desperate longing. The abrupt ending adds a poignancy and boldness to the single, like a mic drop with Ransom looking into the distance.

Whenever I come across a Michael Ransom single, I know I’m in for a good time. He fuses sophisticated melodies with intriguing lyrics and tips you into a beautiful sonic bubble. I can easily see or rather hear this song being played live and cannot wait until Ransom hits that proverbial stage.

For more from Michael Ransom check out his Instagram and Spotify.

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