Morgan King – Mirror Mirror (2021)

Blending elements of alternative rock, emo and contemporary pop, Morgan King has an innovative and unique sound. With the intimacy of The Cardigans and the obscurity of Dresden Dolls, the singer-songwriter takes you on a trip through the light and dark side of life. Featured on Edgar Allen Poets, Newsbreak and several online radios/playlists, King is reaching listeners on an international level. We are pleased to introduce you to this songstress with her debut single ‘Mirror Mirror’.

Traversing between heavy alternative rock and lighter modern pop, ‘Mirror Mirror’ is a plethora of genres melded into a single track. The first of her what I believe will be successful discography, King throws you into a surreal soundscape with a haunting ambience. The interesting melodic arrangement has an ethereal quality, however, there is a darker sophistication in its harmonic flow. I find the interspersed piano particularly interesting as it enhances the otherworldliness of the track.

While the melody has a fantastical element as if you are being led through an overgrown forest with dark nooks and crannies, King’s bold vocals act as an anchor in the hazy setting. Yes, King’s slightly monotone delivery increases a sensation of surrealism; however, its richness and tone add a spine-chilling sensuality to the song.

“This song is about the struggle between who we are and the negative images we create of ourselves. When you look in the mirror, sometimes the person staring back at you seems like a horrible monster, but through self-acceptance and self-love we can set ourselves free from that distorted image.” – Morgan King on ‘Mirror Mirror’

Touching on elements of negativity, self-doubt, inner turmoil and isolation, ‘Mirror Mirror’ does seem to explore depression. Yet, the insightful lyricism and execution incorporate lingering empowerment and positivity. Morgan King attained a PhD in Philosophy before embarking on a music career, perhaps it is the philosophical perspective that underlies the raw honesty in this song.

For more from Morgan King check out her official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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