Myles Morgan – IKYWC (2020)

Since 2017, Myles Morgan has been releasing music using his unique sound and lyrics to paint pensive pictures. Using a colloquial writing style, he has been transporting listeners with his music. Along with Sylvian (saxophone), Mihau (drums), Alex (trumpet), Ryan (guitar) and Oleg (bass), his latest release ‘IKYWC’ continues his atmospheric soundscapes.

The track depicts someone who has raised hopes only to be let down again. As the song unfolds, the lyrics take you through the emotions of this time. The basis of the track is relatable because everyone has been in this situation at some point.

‘IKYWC’ has a stripped back melody with deep jazzy beats. There is a rise and fall to this song that lulls you into a comfortable position before the horns infiltrate your senses. The bluey horns are washed with dreamy guitars that flow over you in a calming way.

Morgan’s vocals are soulful as they add to the woozy melody. They are butter-soft with a hint of rock to them. The lulls of the performance drag you into the lyrics giving them a touch more emotion. The sentiment of the track is clear in every note. There is a mournful feel to this track hiding in the easy lyrics and music.

Myles Morgan takes you on a jazzy journey of dashed hopes and despondence in ‘IKYWC’. The instrumentation of this track is superb with each element adding a distinct note while working as a whole.

Find out more about Myles Morgan on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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